In 2003 I was diagnosed with IPAH - Idiopathic Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (often referred to as PH for short). It's a simple statement. But as anyone who's been through it knows, a PH diagnosis is a complex, lengthy process of elimination. There are many tests to be taken, multiple specialists to see, and the possibility of several common misdiagnoses. Then there are the tasks of navigating the healthcare system, learning to communicate with the medical professionals, and wrestling with the insurance industry. The process seems designed to rob patients of all their remaining dignity.

To prevent a complete freak-out, I tried to keep the rest of my life as normal as possible. In other words, I cultivated a healthy sense of denial. I also started to doodle some new cartoons, which soon turned into this strip, S.O.B. The cartoons give me a place to vent about all the miserable PH-related experiences. They also provide a non-threatening way for me to let others know what life is like with PH.

After sharing the first few cartoons with fellow PH patients, I discovered that they found them useful in much the same way. My doctors and other healthcare providers have also enjoyed them. So, I've decided to make them available for viewing on this website. I hope you enjoy them.

May 2008